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Product Highlight Of The ImageGrid Mammography Web Viewer.

Date Added: March 19, 2010 11:15:25 AM
Author: Adam Kellogg
Category: Shopping
Imaging centers with a focus on Mammography understand the need for an excellent mammography machine that will function as a mammography viewer as well as a mammography workstation in order to accomplish all the work that must be done by your medical facility.  In the field of web viewers, one of the most popular is the ImageGrid Mammography Web Viewer.  Created by Candelis, the ImageGrid offers a host of workable functions that help busy mammography centers stay on top of their workloads.

It is recommended that a woman of a certain age or with risk factors receive a mammography screen on a regular basis.  Because of the high demand for this important screen, imaging centers with a focus on mammography are common across the country.  They rely on a viewer and workstation that will allow them to not only view the digital medical images, but also store and transmit those images via the World Wide Web.  Now all of that and more is possible with the Candelis ImageGrid.

It is possible to have multiple concurrent users on your ImageGrid system because of the web-enabled application.  What this means is that physicians can be located on a local area network, wide area network or a virtual private network and be able to view the medical images from their workstation running the ImageGrid system.

This mammography viewer makes all tasks associated with viewing digital medical images much faster and more efficient.  The ImageGrid offers a host of query and retrieve capabilities, and you can view multiple modalities including images captured with Ultrasound, CT and MRI.  The ImageGrid also speeds up retrieval times for all your studies, even the large ones.   

Another benefit that comes from the use of the Candelis ImageGrid in your imaging center is that you can also use your viewer as a workstation to view Dicom-created reports.  In addition, you can print digital medical images and reports using the ImageGrid appliance.

As a mammography workstation, the ImageGrid system allows you to use BIRADS reporting, and you can view side by side digital medical images.  There are processing, viewing and measurement tools included, along with Cine Tool, which lets you loop or shuffle successive images. 

The ImageGrid from Candelis provides the affordable solution for a PACS system especially suited to Mammography imaging centers, hospitals and medical facilities. 

Adam Kellogg is author of this article on Mammography viewer. Find more information about Mammography workstation here.


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