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What to Include in Your Diabetes Product Supply

Date Added: July 02, 2010 11:12:42 AM
Author: Tari Kindberg
Category: Business & Economy
The normal ostomy supply order would include ostomy products such as bags, disposal supplies, and related items. However, your diabetes supply should include test strips, lancets, a blood glucose meter, readout indicators, batteries, cotton balls, alcohol pads, and a disposal receptacle. Replacement orders would not include the glucose meter as these are typically replaced annually for accurate calibration.

Medical technology has significantly revolutionized the diabetic testing procedure. The glucose monitor initially required a relatively large drop of blood from the fingertip, which was quite painful. Now, only a miniscule amount is necessary for a reliable reading that can be extracted from a less painful area. Newer glucose meters display the insulin level reading in one or two seconds rather than thirty to sixty seconds resulting in an almost pain-free experience. Most insurance plans and Medicare cover the cost of the meter.

The newest lancing device is relatively pain free and works in conjunction with the newer glucose meters. A monthly supply of lancets, alcohol pads, batteries, cotton balls and read-out indicators should be included to ensure an ample supply of testing supplies in the event of a delay in the delivery of subsequent orders or unavailability. Unless the patient has an ostomy consideration, ostomy products should not be included in the diabetes supply order. Ostomy products are particular and specified only for ostomy care. By placing a complete and adequate order with the medical supplier, the diabetic experience should not be consequential and a relatively pain-free experience.

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