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Area Specific Search Engines for Europe

Date Added: August 17, 2009 03:42:23 PM
Author: Prasad Pingali
Category: Internet and Web Services


The internet is a big part of everyday life for over a billion people world wide. It would not be as useful if everyone had to rely on one search engine or even several that do not focus on specific areas of the world. If there was only one general search engine then someone in New York, USA who is searching for a restaurant could end up with results from there to China. This is the reason that search engines are designed for specific areas. The total number of people who use the internet in Europe alone make up almost a quarter of the world�s internet using population. The people of Europe need a search engine that can give results more specific to their area than one that would give millions of results for all over the world. This is the reason for a European search engine or several of them.

There are many uses for the internet and different areas of the world use the internet differently than others. Europe is a very diverse place, made up of many different cultures and beliefs. A European search engine may give users access to information relative to Europe in general, or users can use a more area specific search engine such as one for Eastern Europe. Of course not all the search results will be specific to Europe but a good majority of them will focus on that area.

European business whose main clientele are also from Europe can benefit by quickly finding out about the companies they deal with such as contact info and general information, and the results should be more accurate and easy to locate for the reason that they are using a European search engine. This fact alone can save businesses time and money. Also, advertising locally and getting a response because the site is easily found is a big plus for any business.

Currency is another factor that tailoring a search engine to a specific area is helpful. Not many people can convert money off the top of their head. When someone in France using a world wide search engine, for instance, who can not do the conversion, is searching for something and the price is listed in U.S. dollars, it is then necessary for them to find a currency converter. However, if that person is able to use a European search engine designed around their area the currency listed would be theirs. It is a small point but taking out the tedious steps that used to be expected in internet use is making a better internet experience for everyone. Not to mention less time consuming.

Not everyone in Europe may use a European search engine. Everyone has their own preferences. The fact that the option exists, however, is a nice thought. For people all over the world, anything that can improve the internet experience is a welcomed idea. Tailoring search engines to specific areas of the world can save time, money, and a lot of aggravation.



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