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Cheerleading � A team sport with beauty and brain

Date Added: August 27, 2009 11:23:48 AM
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Cheerleading was introduced in 1898. Cheerleading is a sport which uses planned routines which ranges from 1 minute to 3 minutes. Cheerleading is the blend of dance, jumps, and stunts to cheer the audience or sport teams at matches.

Cheerleading is the great sport where young girls need physical skill, keenness and must have enthusiasm to work in teams. Few points that any young girl must keep in mind if she opts to become a part of cheerleading team: She must have self confidence, she must always exercise to keep herself fit, she must always work in a team and not self, she should always practice what she learns, she must have patience and the important thing she should have good concentration power. Many girls wish to participate in cheerleading and wish to wear cheerleading uniforms. But it is not so easy for all girls to be a part of cheerleading team. Cheerleading and matches of any sports goes hand in hand. As it is essential to select proper sports person; similarly selecting a better cheerleader is also important.

Each and every sports team need cheerleading team, so it is necessary to design cheerleading uniforms according to the sports team uniforms. The colors of cheerleading uniforms are always dazzling. These uniforms are designed to resist lots of wear and slash so that it is comfortable for the young women to do the cheer movements like pyramids, handstands, cartwheel etc. This activity includes the movements of the whole body, that�s why the cheerleading uniforms has to be light in weight and it must resist rain and wind.

There are various types of cheerleading uniforms. The whole uniform includes skirts, shorts, socks and tops. The main feature of these clothes is that they are short and fit enough to perform the act comfortably without any constraint and all the cheerleading uniforms have the sign of the team embossed on it. This is not the complete uniform; it also has accessories like pompoms, hair accessories, and sneakers which will make them look different.

There are many shops and online stores from where one can buy cheerleading uniforms but before purchasing it one must always check whether the uniforms will be provided by school instructor or one will have to purchase it individually. It is very rarely that you will have to purchase cheerleading uniform individually because most of the time schools themselves provide uniforms to the team to keep up the uniformity.

Few instructions to memorize before one purchases or collects her cheerleading uniform are: check whether the fit is proper or not, short skirts and briefs should be comfortable so that you can perform well, do not forget to collect your accessories so that you will have a complete uniform.



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