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Fire Damage

Date Added: September 03, 2009 10:42:09 AM
Author: Sales Representative
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Did you know that fire is the second leading cause of accidental home death in the world? Although this is an alarming statistic, there are still many people who have had the unfortunate experience of losing their home in a fire, but have come out of it unscathed and alive. For those people who have another day to give thanks for, the horror of the past experience should be allowed to remain in the past. Their prime mission now should be to concentrate on the fire damage.

Fire damage to a house is usually in the form of structural deterioration and overpowering effects of smoke and oily soot. Of course, there is the obvious issue of people losing their valuable property and possessions, however with the fire being a thing of the past, people need to focus on fire damage and fire water damage, which is also a common occurrence when a house has been lost in a fire. In order to proceed with fire damage and fire water damage, people need the assistance and expertise of a known and recommended restoration team. That team should be able to visit the location and identify exactly what needs to be done to reestablish the home.

If you can identify a restoration team that can back up its claims with proof of other successful restoration projects, you should begin to feel comfortable about just how well your home restoration will turn out.

Some of the procedures used by the professionals to correct fire damage and fire water damage are:

1. Hot and wet fogging, which is applied to smoke damaged areas. This procedure lessens the intensity of the smoke and soot on the surfaces where they are found.

2. Use of air scrubbing treatments like ozone to remove odors produced as a result of smoke. A lot of times, the smoke and odor that are left can be hazardous to one�s health, as they could contain bacteria that are known to be detrimental to human existence.

3. Structural repairs to damaged physical structures. In some cases, there could be damage to parts of the home structurally, and part of the corrective work to be done would be to repair those parts of the structure and reestablish them for comfortable living.

4. Priming and sealing of damaged surfaces to restore them to their previous condition is a common procedure used by professional restoration teams.

5. Steaming can be used to remove hard to reach soot residue which is left after the initial cleaning has been done. Sometimes, it is difficult to get rid of all the soot with the initial measures employed.

Fire damage and fire water damage are not easy processes, but once they are done by knowledgeable people with enough expertise in the specific area, you can be guaranteed to have good results at the end of the exercise, and you can look forward to a resumed level of normalcy. Thus, one painful chapter would have ended, and another hopeful one would have begun.


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