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Teachers Be Reminded of the ADD Child

Date Added: September 04, 2009 12:13:43 PM
Author: Dr. Ronald Receveur
Category: Education

A teacher teaching a class of forty school children should know that there is approximately two ADD child or students that manifest the symptoms of ADD. Taking this into consideration, it is therefore important for teachers to know of the basic facts about an ADD child and what makes them stand out from the others as well as to identify behavioral problems. This would help teachers to be more effective in teaching as well as help children with ADHD conquer and achieve educational goals. Sometimes they may even be encouraged to top the class even with their condition.

Teachers should take note that an ADD child has difficulties with executive functioning that is important in the success of learning and in school. They tend to be have a complex problem solving skills which makes them miss the obvious point as well as they do use a �self talk� guide in their behavior. Because of their impulsiveness, they tend to say or do things before thinking, sort of a spur of the moment. Most of the time they are easily distracted which results to a difficulty in finishing and completing school work.

Since generally ADD child are forgetful and disorganized, this will definitely affect school works and activities like projects and home works. We all know that these activities will have an impact to their grades and therefore once they forget about it, their grades would be lower. It could even result to late projects or sometimes none at all.

It will not come as a surprise if a child with ADD is inconsistent in their performance for school work. There are some days that they would really stand out from the rest while other days could just be a so-so day and other days could be a nonparticipating days. This is hard for teachers and parents to accept but that�s how it is. It�s pretty hard for them to be able to concentrate and find their niche but once found, they will shine like a star.

The threshold for discipline and rewards differs in ADHD children and it could take more time for them to be able to process the lesson being learned and even make an impression of not learning from their mistakes. They may seem like hard headed and does not listen but quite frankly, they do know what needs to be done but sometimes have hard time to do what they know.

It�s also hard for them to make future plans especially on long term projects. Since they are highly imaginative and extremely creative, they do become restless when their mind is at work especially if they are planning on the long term project. This could go two way, bad because they may be stressed and not perform well on the said date but once they realize how to express their creativity then without a doubt they will be on the top of their game.

Teachers are the second parents for all their students. Their main goal should always be to help your child to maximize their potential even with an ADD child.


Dr. Ronald Receveur is author of this article on ADD. Find more information about Children`s ADHD here.


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