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Knowing about Antigua

Date Added: September 04, 2009 12:32:24 PM
Author: Antigua Daily
Category: News & Media
Antigua ? the name might have fascinated you and you might have been keen to visit it. However you might not have been confident as you were not aware of the details of this place. Are you keen to know more? Then read on as we share some great facts about the place!

Antigua Guatemala also known as La Antigua Guatemala is a perfect place to visit if you are a travel lover. The place which is often simply referred as La Antigua has a wonderful natural landscape and is located in central highlands. What sets the city apart is its spectacular Baroque architecture. The place has Spanish Mud骡r-influenced ruins of various structures including castles and churches. Designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, this place is a must visit if you are a history lover who loves to travel.

Visit the University of San Carlos in Antigua or the La Merced Church. Stop by at Ruins of old San Jos頯r the Old weapons Museum. The Cathedral of San Jos頡lso deserves a visit. San Francisco Cathedral is also a fantastic tourist destination. In fact the place is abound with myriad tourist attraction and is also at the same time a calm and safe place.

Antigua Guatemala is the departmental capital of Sacatep鱵ez Department and has around 34,685 inhabitants dwelling in it. La Antigua Guatemala has an interesting history replete with wars and heroes and any lover of historical sites will surely enjoy being in this place. This place is known as Old Guatemala" and was the third capital of Guatemala. The city was established on the location of Kakchikel-Maya city. The city has had its own share of ups and down; for instance much part of the town was destroyed by a series of earthquakes in late 18th century. Post this capital was also removed to the Valley of the Shrine and as the city was damaged almost all residents left for new dwelling. Today this is the city which is known as la Antigua Guatemala, or Old Guatemala.

The city which is in the Latin America and the Caribbean region is a must visit for anyone who loved to dwell in history. There are many places to look out for; for instance there is the Central Park located in the heart of the city and close to this you see the Arco de Santa Catalina which ranks topmost among various notable architectural landmarks of La Antigua.

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