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Explore the Varieties of Gamburd Stair lifts

Date Added: September 05, 2009 01:13:47 PM
Author: Access Specialist
Category: Shopping

Gamburd is well known for varieties of disability supplies among which is Stair lifts. You are not just limited to the type of stair lift in stock; Gamburd stair lifts can be customized at the request of the client to suit specific needs. All these services are available at very affordable prices. The varieties of services available in this medical equipment supplies company is in conformity with their vision of removing and even eliminating completely, the barriers that deformity or disability has created in the lives of some individuals.

The Gamburd stair lifts come in different forms such as:-

o The Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor. The features of this stair-lift include safety, reliability and durability. It has been well fashioned to avoid disappointment of any kind in the course of its use. A constant change or repair of this wheelchair is not necessary since the materials used in making it are of high quality and are capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. With this type of wheelchair, the user is assured of independence and restoration of confidence any where anytime. The ease and comfort of navigating the stairs outdoors is the most outstanding feature of this special outdoor wheelchair.

This type of Gamburd stair lifts has been specially designed and packaged for outdoor use, but it has maintained the same great and smooth drive system found in the indoor wheelchairs. This chair�s ability to withstand harsh weather condition is engineered by the weather resistant cover system that comes with it. So you don�t need to be panicky about what will become of the Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor when the weather condition becomes unfavorable; there�s a strong weather back-up system for this wheelchair.

o The Modular Wheelchair Ramp. This is another form of Gamburd stair lifts that usually comes in aluminum forms. The mention of aluminum sounds like this wheelchair is going to be heavy equipment; certainly not, the weight is conveniently light. It is quite durable and strong which gives it an edge over the conventional ramps that are made with concrete, wood or metal. There is a free home evaluation service granted to clients. The modular wheelchair ramp is generally cost-effective; and you can decide to either have one in your possession either by purchasing or renting it.

The property tax assessment that is required with the conventional wood or concrete ramps is not obtainable with gamburd modular wheelchair ramp. This is a very good advantage. Besides, it takes just few days to get it supplied and properly installed. Uninstalling this equipment is pretty easier and you don�t need to be afraid of the possibilities of causing damages to your property or home in the course of dismantling it; there�s certainly not going to be any damage. If you have any reason to get it dismantled, just go ahead and make a contact, it promises to be a safe and easy task.

The Gamburd stair lifts from Gamburd Inc has been of immense help to those who have health challenges that impaired their movement and mobility. These equipments are barrier breakers indeed.





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