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Flange Joints

Date Added: September 14, 2009 10:33:49 AM
Author: Eric A. Hudson
Category: Shopping

The industrial revolution brought in the need for implementing new and advanced technologies to make the functioning of the machines, tools and equipments, smoother, faster and efficient and thus obtain quick and productive results. Various developments in the industrial premises are done from time to time, as regards setting up of better machinery, installation of the plant and the factory, installation and execution of strong plumbing work in an efficient manner, etc. All this constitutes the industrial setup of a company.

In a factory�s setup, what are most important in supporting the industrial process are the fittings and flanges. The proper installation of the pipes in an industrial setup determines the efficient working of the whole industrial processes. The flanges or pipe fittings need to be of a superior quality in order to prevent leakage or wastage of the substances that are flowing through it. A leakage could prove harmful if there are deadly gases or inflammable liquids inside the pipes. Sometimes it could also lead to respiratory disorders making it even more fatal. So the flanges that are used for networking the pipes need to be of an extra strong character.

A flange is an external or internal rib, or rim (lip), meant for providing strength and support to the plumbing or fitting works. Apart from assembling or disassembling the pipes, there are some other purposes also, for which the use of flanges is being done, for e.g. a flanged rail is used to keep the wheels from running off, they are used in attaching objects such as steam cylinders, lens mount of a camera, an iron beam or I-beam or a T-beam, etc.

There are different types of flanges that come in different varieties, shapes and sizes and are meant for different uses. These are designed to have standardized flange dimensions, to allow easy functionality and inter-changeability. Most often these are not interchangeable. Also, several flanges in each standard are divided into �pressure classes�. This makes them competent for bearing different degrees of pressures. Generally, they too are not interchangeable.


Flanges are available in designs such as weld neck flange, slip on flange, socket weld flange, threaded flange, etc. Many companies install such fittings in their factory�s setup for gaining immunity from industrial hazards that result from loose pipe fittings. As such there is a rising trend in the growth of the manufacturer and supplier companies of flanges. There are some companies that hold top rankings in the marketplace with respect to the manufacturing of such products. Such companies are a global community wherein the meeting of flange and fittings consumers and sellers takes place. At the request of the buyers, the quotes are assessed and are bid on by many qualified and certified sellers. Actual buyers who are all set to purchase, send request for quotes to the sellers.

Thus, we can see how important the use of flanges and fittings is in the industrial set up, as also how dangerous it would be to use low and cheap quality flanges. Therefore, such fittings material should be purchased from a reliable dealer only.

A reliable online dealer of flanges is Flange Direct where you can buy as well as sell only the best quality flanges. The best thing about it is that you can get quotes from multiple sellers and then choose the one that suits you. Buying and selling is made easier thanks to Flange Direct.



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