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Key to successful dates for men

Date Added: September 17, 2009 02:57:39 PM
Author: Garvey Stone
Category: Computers & Internet

When it comes to women, men are always confused. They say that men are from Mars and women from Venus implying that there is a lot of �distance� in their mental and of course physical make-up. This is true but if you really think about it, women are not that difficult to understand. In fact, all women think and act in almost similar ways.

Guys on dates always wonder if they will get lucky. But there is nothing to be worried about. Here are some sure shot male dating tricks which if religiously followed can ensure that you get lucky every time.


Always have a bath and shave before you turn up on a date. It is even better if you can apply a nice smelling deodorant. No women will appreciate it if you turn up on a date looking shabby, smelly and unkempt. Women love hygiene and will expect the man to also be hygienic. The truth about guys is that they don�t like to take effort to look and smell nice. The first impression is always the last impression and your appearance on the date will play a major role in deciding how she judges you. A bad appearance will suggest negative things about you.

Never be late on dates as it suggests that you do not have respect for others� time. She may think that you have ditched her or when you finally arrive she may think you are unreliable. If you are picking her up from her home, arrive a little early and be patient if she is not yet ready.

Women love gifts. They like dating a guy who is thoughtful and considerate. Take time to think what she will appreciate. You may have guessed her likes and dislikes from the phone or chat conversations you had with her. Make use of that knowledge to gift her something special. By doing so you will convey to her that you care. For example, if she loves playing the guitar, you can gift a guitar shaped key chain to her.

Although women are at par with men in all aspects of life, they still like chivalrous men. If you are dining at a restaurant, open the door for her, pull her chair for her to sit down, and be polite. Treat her like a princess without being too poetic and she will be impressed.

One of the best guys dating schemes which never fails is paying your date compliments. Tell her she looks beautiful and be sincere about it. Notice her appearance and point out something that is looking nice. Say, she is wearing a nice pendant, then compliment her by saying it looks perfect with her dress. Women like guys who pay attention to them. So keep the compliments flowing without going overboard.

Get to know each other well. A date will get boring if only one person keeps on speaking. Talk about yourself and then ask her questions too. Pay attention while she is speaking. It will look rude if you have not been paying attention to her and she suddenly asks, �What do you think?� and you have no clue what she is referring to. Keep the conversation restricted to general topics. Don�t be too probing. Also think of interesting things to say. Sprinkle your conversation with just the right amount of humor and you have hit the jackpot.

As stated earlier, be the gentleman and pay the bill. Only if she insists, then share the cost. This will communicate that you believe in chivalry and equality too.

Male dating habits always include a goodnight kiss when the time comes to say goodbye. But some women may not appreciate this. Body language and chemistry throughout the night will tell you if she is ready for it. Otherwise it is always better to restrict yourself to a friendly hug.

Follow these rules and you will be a king at the game of dating!


Garvey Stone is author of this article on Male dating habits. Find more information about Truth about guys here.


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