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How to Fight a Light Camera Ticket in California

Date Added: September 21, 2009 03:44:55 PM
Author: Steve Miller
Category: Business & Economy

Is it really possible to beat a red light camera ticket? After all, they have you on camera with your face and license number. The answer is yes. With the help from our Red Light Ticket Experts, you can fight and beat your red light camera ticket and eliminate your fine. Here's how:

First the ticket arrives in the mail with what's probably not the best photo of you (sitting in your car with that "ah man" look on your face). Then you visit our website,, and click on the Bust My Ticket link.

Once you've gotten that far, don't give up yet. Simply fill out a few questions on the online form and you'll be taken to a page with a couple of documents you'll need to print, sign and mail to us. That's it. We'll take it from there and help you beat your red light camera ticket with our popular program.

Within a few weeks, you'll hear back with the verdict from the court. If for whatever reason you do not get your ticket dismissed or reduced, you'll get our service fee back, pursuant to our terms and conditions.

How much can someone expect to see on their citation after they see the light flash and know they are getting a ticket? Well, that depends on what county you're in and what the laws of that county are. Tickets are typically a few hundred dollars, which doesn't include the cost of traffic school or years of higher insurance rates if you choose to simply pay the fine of your red light camera ticket.

Someone recently asked us, "if someone were to pay the ticket instead of using the website, who would have to pay, the person driving or the owner of the car?" If the owner can prove that the car was stolen via a police report or by other means, consider the case closed. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle is ultimately responsible for the ticket.

If you're wondering if California is the only state that uses red light cameras, it's not. Many states are cracking down on people who run red lights in an effort to reduce the amount of auto accidents. Arizona, for example, is famous for having thousands of red light camera tickets placed all over the state.

There have been several cases where the camera was proven to have been faulty and/or completely inaccurate, so don't think for a minute that just because you were caught on camera that you're automatically guilty. Click "Bust My Ticket" and get your red light camera ticket dismissed by



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