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Hospital Whiteboards Lead to Improved Patient Communication and Peace of Mind

Date Added: August 13, 2009 07:22:45 AM
Author: Janet Collins
Category: Blogs: Business
With hundreds of patients at a time, it can be difficult for doctors and nurses to maintain an orderly and professional hospital environment. For many hospitals today, dry erase boards are a valuable tool used to keep staff on the same page and keep patients informed. Like a lot of medical facilities, though, a leading Michigan hospital struggled with how to leverage dry erase boards to their full advantage.

Doctors and nurses spent a significant amount of time determining what information needed to be captured on each board, since they were blank and had no criteria pre-printed on them. Nursing staff desired whiteboards that encompassed all aspects of a patient�s stay, including the patient�s name, phone number, date, room number, physician, nurse/caregiver�s name, and patient/family questions or issues, to name a few.

The hospital was searching for professional whiteboards that included safety features guaranteed to enhance communication with patients and their families, as well as with the patient care team. VividBoard, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of premium, custom-designed whiteboards, provided the perfect solution. The company�s complete line of hospital dry erase boards are designed to help increase patient satisfaction and improve communication among staff, patients and their families.

With guidance from the executive nursing staff, VividBoard solved the Michigan hospital�s whiteboard dilemma by creating custom, individualized hospital dry erase boards with pre-printed room and phone numbers, along with spaces for all necessary patient information. All whiteboards sported the same graphically appealing, consistent look with writing, graphics and logos embedded into the board. These new hospital whiteboards ensure that personalized and accurate information is always readily available to staff and patients. Management can quickly see if staff is updating information regularly, and shift changes are much less stressful, as nurses can view what their patients� special needs may be and what has taken place during the day. Patients enjoy peace of mind in knowing what procedures or routines are planned and who will be their attending nurse or physician.

VividBoard�s new hospital whiteboards require much less time by staff to determine what information needs to be captured since the necessary information is already pre-printed on the hospital whiteboards. Making the switch from white, ghosting, dirty-looking dry erase boards to colorful and organized whiteboards has resulted in greatly improved staff productivity and patient satisfaction.

Hospital administration and staff appreciate VividBoard�s distinct patented coating process, which sublimates images into the whiteboards as opposed to silk screening, where the ink is placed on top of the board. This unique, high-gloss coating process ensures a more attractive and longer-lasting whiteboard, and eliminates any raised surfaces, making the boards simple to clean with typical household cleaning products.

VividBoard�s durable and eye-catching dry erase boards can be tailored to virtually any size, shape or color, and can be framed or unframed depending on preference. They are easily installed with simple mirror hangers, Velcro discs and routed holes onto a variety of wall surfaces. VividBoard also offers an assortment of accessories, such as alcohol-based marker pens, erasers, marker-erase combinations, pen clips, double-foam mounting tape, magnets, hold-ups and marker trays.

Besides patient whiteboards, dry erase boards are the perfect organizational tool for a variety of other hospital areas, including: nurse�s station whiteboards, operating room scheduling whiteboards, emergency room registration whiteboards, and more. For more information on VividBoard�s complete line of hospital whiteboards and accessories, please visit the web site at or call customer service at 877.543.2999.


Janet Collins leads the marketing and business development functions at VividBoard, a leader in visual communications solutions, including whiteboards and dry-erase boards, cork boards, message systems, display cases and more.


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