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Registered Piano Technicians

What will happen to a race horse if you keep it tied all the time? Will he have chances of winning on the actual day of the race? No, he will probably be the last to finish. Similarly anything that is not used, which is not exercised or worked out will get stagnant and out of use. Same is the case with musical instruments. If you do not keep them tuned from time to time, they will lose their clarity and melody.

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1. CUT COSTS, BUT THINK FIRST During hard times it may be tempting in the first instance to want to cut costs immediately and lower prices in response to squeezed margins. But wait, that may not be the best approach. What should be considered is what affect this will have on the business long term, as cutting staff numbers and prices now could make it more difficult to recruit the staff you need and raise prices later when trading conditions improve.

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Mobile ECU Remapping

specialise in remapping otherwise known as chip tuning. We offer a mobile service throughout the UK. By having your car or vans ECU remapped you will optimise the tuning of your engine, which will also increase the BHP, Torque and fuel economy. Ultimately reducing your 0-60 time, in some cases by up to 4 seconds!

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Hospital Whiteboards Lead to Improved Patient Communication and Peace of Mind

Like many medical facilities, a leading Michigan hospital struggled with how to leverage dry erase boards to their full advantage. Nursing staff desired whiteboards that encompassed all aspects of a patient�s stay, and VividBoard, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of premium, custom-designed whiteboards, provided the perfect solution.

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From War Zone to Franchise Zone

Ross Paterson has found the perfect spot for would-be entrepreneurs: The place has minimal market penetration, abounds in hardworking, business-savvy people and has minimal government red tape. Unfortunately, you may need a flak jacket.

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How to earn money from you home?

With the advent of modern technology, our lifestyle has undergone sea-changes. Simply, devices like the internet have brought the world in the sitting room. Like every walks of our life, the financial aspect has also changed drastically in the last few years.

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