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Mobile ECU Remapping

Date Added: September 10, 2009 04:22:50 AM
Author: Ben Walker
Category: Blogs: Business

specialise in remapping otherwise known as chip tuning. We offer a mobile service throughout the UK.

By having your car or vans ECU remapped you will optimise the tuning of your engine, which will also increase the BHP, Torque and fuel economy. Ultimately reducing your 0-60 time, in some cases by up to 4 seconds!

You should get your car or vans ecu remapped for many reasons, here at mobile ecu remapping we offer a bespoke remapping service to our customers unlike many other companies that can not offer you a remapping service tailored to your need but only offer a standard remap at best but at worst use generic maps which may not even be originally from your make and model. This can cause irreversible damage to your engine.

Ecu remapping is the big take over from chip tuning which was primarily used before ecu remapping was invented back in 1996 as cars before this time did not have an ecu (engine control unit). Which is what we now use to download the software, know as maps. It is these maps that we fine-tune and then upload the fine tuned maps back onto the cars ecu. This process is called remapping.

Chip tuning is basicaly a normal EPROM chip that you would find inside any engine ECU but has been reprogrammed with tuned software to give the engine more power and better drivability. For most modern vehicles built after 1996 we are able to remap the EPROM via the diagnostic port this allows us to offer remapping at your home or place of work using our mobile service. This also protects the ECU from damage and protects the vehicles warranty and insurance cover.

Alientech has always offered to there customers more essential ecu tuning tools for their work, as proved by the numerous accessories supported. The constant technical assistance, the professional skill of our team and the attention given to our customers´┐Ż need have contributed to make Alientech one of the reference points in the ecu remapping / chip tuning sector.

Alientech suppy the latest kess tuning tool, powergate, bdm pro also ecm titanium tuning software. The great success of Alientechs products led them to go even further as they believe that the valuable experience and the technical ability of their staff have always been able to provide their customers with solutions fit to users, in a technology market in everlasting evolution.



Ben Walker is author of this article on ECU Remapping. Find more information about Performance tuning here.


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